Di aromas and estetic
  Di aromas and estetic
  Di aromas and estetic

Di aromas and estetic


Floor 1 - Local 25

From 10.00 to 22.00 p.m.
Subject to calendar of exceptional openings and schedules of some stores. To confirm the schedule of your store do not hesitate to contact us.

688 236 973


   Our shop bases its potential on the sale of equivalence perfumes, having a great reputation among the society torrevejense and visitors of the shopping center in which we are. this reputation that our store has been developing over time, is nothing more than the fruit to the high quality that treasure our perfumes and the large amount of aromas of which we have (more than 200 equivalences), being currently the shop of equivalence perfumes with the largest number of perfumes in Torrevieja.

   We are also specialists in the sale of natural beauty, wellness and relaxation products such as essential oils, soaps, aromatic salts, incense, air fresheners, etc... counting with a great variety of products based on different oriental cultures (ZEN, FENG SHUI) such as amulets, pendants, pendulums, jewelry ...