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Stay at home and enjoy the Kids club in Habaneras with the free workshops and activities we have prepared for you. Take advantage of this opportunity and have fun with your family. Fun is guaranteed. DISCOVER IT!

Developing camera

Your little photographers are going to have a great time doing this activity. Would you like to know what it's all about? Click on the link!  

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String phone

Ring Ring... It's science knocking on your door. Would you like to learn how sound waves work? Find out with this experiment!

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Click on the following link and discover a lot of cubeecraft cut-outs with your favorite characters, you'll have a great time with them!

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Put your imagination, strategy and skill to work with the game of Tetris. Will you be able to fit all the blocks together?

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Friendship bracelets

Create your friendship bracelets and remember ... Friends, together, will never be defeated!

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Jumping Frog

Make your paper frogs by following the instructions below and get ready for the jumping race!

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Flying Ping-Pong

Discover science with your kids by doing this experiment we've prepared for you. Are you ready?

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Cork boat

Sailors on board! Learn to make your own fleet of cork boats. Click on the link and enjoy.

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The lemur is very hungry! He dropped his pineapples in the woods and can't find them. Will you be able to help him find them all?  Solve the maze, we rely on you!      

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Paper caterpillar race

Fun at its best with our new kids club activity. Cut away the worms, click on the video link to see the instructions and let the race begin. Ready, set, go!

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Look for the intruder

An intruder has broken into Habaneras, we need your help! Will you be able to identify it?

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Stress balls

We have a new super fun craft for you. Follow the instructions and make your stress balls with flour and balloons. They are very easy and colorful!

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Lava Lamp

Become a real scientist by creating your own lava lamp. Awesome! Find out how here:

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Finger puppets

Create your own animal puppets and have fun playing with them. Just cut them out on the dotted line and you're done! Download them here.

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Paint by numbers

Paint every piece by it's number to get a cool drawing. Download it here.

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Find the differences

Will you be able to find the 10 differences? Check here.

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