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You can't miss the Holi Evening!

[H]addict, if you come to our 14th Anniversary celebration and participate in Holi Morning on March 30th you know you can't miss Holi Evening!

Enjoy an afternoon full of light, color, rhythm and dance with the wonderful show "Colours of India" by the brothers Suresh and Sunny Singh who arrived from Bombay to Spain and founded the Bollywood dance academy pioneer in our country.

Remember that if you take part in the draw you can win two tickets to this incredible show at the EDP Gran Vía theatre in Madrid! Discover all the prizes you can win.

In addition, during this magical afternoon you will be able to taste India with our show cooking and catering-tasting by Chef David Hernandez.

What aren't you [H]addict yet? Don't worry! Download our [H]app!

Enjoy Habaneras!


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Habaneras Shopping Center

30th March