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Women who have marked a before and after in fashion

March 8, Women's Day, is coming up. Numerous gatherings are called for this date in different parts of the territory with the aim of honoring the struggle of women for equality. From the Habaneras shopping centre we wanted to do our bit by remembering those women who have influenced the world of fashion, marking a before and an after.

Most of these women became symbols and icons at a time when, just because they were women, it was very difficult for them to become great winners. That is why, still today, they are considered models and references, not only within their sectors but also at a social level.

Find out who they were.

Coco Chanel was one of the most influential people in the twentieth century, a woman at least ambitious and struggling which took her to the highest echelons of fashion. Among all the revolutionary changes she introduced, the trouser suit for women stands out, which until then was only a male garment, and the hair in garçon style. Today this haircut continues to top the lists of trends year after year, and costumes continue to be protagonists of the most popular catwalks with a wide variety of proposals

Mary Quant was a distinguished British designer known for introducing into society an indispensable item of clothing in any wardrobe: the miniskirt. Not only was the miniskirt what made this great designer popular, but she also set out to open a clothing store in the 1950s in an England where there were few opportunities for women. She also dressed the young twenties of the time by breaking with established patterns. 

And finally Anna Wintour, a woman who from a very young age had a dream and didn't stop until she got it: to be the editor of Vogue. She started working on Harper's and Queen magazine, an opportunity that allowed her to make contact with photographers and journalists, rising up, as well as the creative director of Vogue. Popularly known for her strong personality and great talent for fashion, Wintour always defended an independent woman model, a business woman who knows what she wants, how she wants it and will do everything possible to get it, as she did.


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8th March