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Winter can be wonderful

On December 22nd the winter solstice takes place, that is, the moment of the year in which the Sun, in its apparent movement, passes through one of the ecliptic points furthest from the equator and in which there is the maximum difference in duration between day and night.

Or, as we usually say, winter arrives.

For many people winter is synonymous with cold and routine, but in Habaneras we know that it can be wonderful, you only have to find the perfect reasons.

1. Do your shopping with your favorite coat and scarf walking around Habaneras

2. Enjoy a delicious warm Starbuck coffee on the terrace, while browsing your mail with our Free Wifi

Come to Habaneras with your pet to enjoy the sunset on the terrace floor.

4. Enjoying those film and blanket plans

5. Make the most of the days and end up having dinner in Habaneras

6. Cuddle up a lot

7. Breathing fresh air

These are more than delicious reasons to enjoy a unique winter!

This winter, come to Habaneras, we are waiting for you.


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