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The sales in Habaneras arrive loaded with prizes

So far you may only have shared salt with your neighbor but with the Habaneras sales you will also want to share all the "chollos". Pay attention to the most envious neighbors that these discounts will be in Habaneras and want to know all your purchases. If you find them on 12, 13, 19 and 26 January, they won't stop until they reach their goal. In exchange, they will offer you the chance to get direct gifts or participate in the draw for 300€ in gift cards from the Habaneras stores of your choice. These discounts can not hide from our neighbors, so do not be cut and show all your purchases, you will get a safe gift.

Also, if you are a [H]Addict you can get many more direct gifts and opportunities to be the winner of the draw, validating your tickets in the Infobox of Habaneras. Every 20€ validated, you will get a participation for the draw and a cumulative voucher, redeemable for direct gifts: cinema tickets, gift cards, selfie sticks, power banks among others.   

Very important! Only suitable for [H]Addicts. If you are not one of them yet, download the Habaneras App and get a direct voucher. What are you waiting for?

These Rebates, Enjoy Sales in Habaneras and get many prizes. To consult the bases of this promotion download them here or request them in the InfoBox of the CC Habaneras. The information point will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.




We already have a winner of our incredible "What My Neighbor Took" draw!

Congratulations Ana Rosa Ortiz de Zarate it's time to receive your 300€ voucher to enjoy in Habaneras!

Enjoy Sales


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Habaneras Shopping Center

12, 13, 19 and 26 January