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The perfect suit for him

With the arrival of good weather come the first weddings and ceremonies of the summer, you approach your closet, try on your usual suit and discover that you are not convinced, that it is outdated, or simply do not look as good as you remember. The last minute nerves and stress start, don't worry! In Habaneras we have all the necessary shops to go from top to bottom to your next event.
This 2019 the suit has become a key piece for the man; beyond the office use the suit arrives this season with all the force of fashion to combine as you want, without losing the elegance. Here are some of the highlights - keep reading!

The suit and glamour are for him.

Black is a classic in the wardrobe, but this season the electric blue is back on top. It's a safe bet for weddings, both in the morning and in the afternoon. If colour is your thing, don't think about it. We recommend this composite suit whose main character is the blazer, neck and lapels with long sleeves finished in cuffs with Zara buttons detail.

Combine it with brown accessories such as these Coxx camel-coloured leather from Mayka Shoes Shop.

If what you're looking for is a more sober proposal, we'll wait for you at Massimo Dutti with this smooth suit delicately crafted by the firm's authentic master tailors. This model is an updated version of the classic tailor suit with properties that allow greater adaptability without neglecting breathability and comfort. Combine it with these fabulous Duchini that you will find in Calzados Rumbo de Habaneras.

Last but not least, there are the complements, able to give the final touch to your suit. From Habaneras we recommend the choice of two key accessories. On the one hand the watch, like this model with Guess crocodile effect and on the other hand, the cufflinks, fundamental in certain celebrations; we love the variety offered by Massimo Dutti, like these cufflinks with the enamelled edge.

Come to Habaneras and get the perfect suit for you.

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