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The best beaches of Torrevieja from Habaneras

Holy Week is approaching and in Habaneras we know that you are looking forward to enjoying a few days of relaxation, shopping, having a drink on your favorite terrace, and if the weather allows it, something that in Torrevieja is usually usual, enjoy long walks on the beach, a few hours of sun to sunbathe, or simply play with the youngest of the house to make sand castles with impossible moats.

In Torrevieja you can enjoy wonderful beaches. Do you know how to find them?

Discover the route to your dream beach from Habaneras.

  • La Mata Beach.   Located further north. The bad languages say that it belongs to the Matas, but we say that this beach has our essence. It has a pedestrian promenade to walk near the sea.

  • Punta Prima Beach.  A quiet beach in the shape of a cove and with crystal clear waters.

  • The beach of the Cura. It is perhaps one of the best known and busiest. Perfect to go with children.

  • Los Náufragos beach.  It is not too big a beach so it fills up easily, it also guarantees you fine sand, which is a delight.

  • Los Locos Beach.  You will find some rocks but they are part of its charm. It's not too big so if you like it you should go first thing in the morning.

Like these beaches, many more... We have already chosen our favourite beach in Torrevieja.

Which one is yours?

Enjoy Torrevieja 

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