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Tell him with a jewel

We all like to give, it has become the perfect way to tell someone that they are special to us, that we are happy to have them in our lives, that we are proud of how they face things, or simply because we feel like it; because to have a detail you don't need many reasons.

Today in Habaneras we want to give you ideas to tell, to that special person, what you feel, with a jewel. Jewels are one of the most significant gifts we can make, and that is that they last forever, pass from generation to generation and are also precious. 

Surprise him like never before.


If you're looking for fine jewelry, necklaces are the perfect choice.

For her, we recommend this TimeRoad pendant. It is informal but the brightness of its crystals makes it special, making it a perfect jewel both for the day to day and for special occasions.

In TimeRoad you can also find this necklace of the brand Lotus for him, will become a jewel that will always carry with you for its elegance and simplicity.



You will be able to find earrings of very diverse forms, sizes and styles, to find those that can favor to all the faces is simple if you know how. In Habaneras we recommend you to visit Swarovski, there you will find this first model of earrings with Catalan type closing, plated in rhodium. They have an informal but glamorous style, the pieces shine in transparent crystal so they will be perfect for any occasion.

If in your case you prefer to give a model of more daring earrings, also in Swarovski you can choose another type like these fun rings bathed in pink gold. They are inspired by the classic symbol of the Turkish eye. In addition, this model allows you to remove the pendant and use only the rings.



Historically, giving rings has a clear meaning: commitment. But in this post we want to give another vision, and that is that giving a ring to a sister, a friend or a mother has many other meanings. So cheer up, break the mold, and give rings.

Here are two great options from Two Dos Castejón .

The model "My dragon fly" of Uno de 50, protagonist of the Sweetness collection of the brand, is a timeless and fun jewel that will fascinate anyone.  

And Pandora's "Enchanted Crown" model, with a unique alloy of metals: low alloy silver and copper with a second grade gold coating. A classic and original choice. 


The bracelets are a wonderful jewel to give as they can be mixed with each other combining although sometimes it seems that do not stick in forms and styles, the result can become wonderful.   

This time for them. Find in Two Dos Castejón this model of the brand Fossil, for those men who opt for leather in their jewelry. Or if you prefer steel, opt for this Viceroy model.


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