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Take part in the draw for three bikes taking care of your beaches and with the Shark Pa

This July Habaneras arrives loaded with prizes with the #YoSoyTorrevieja movement and the activities of the fun Shark Patrol.

What do you have to do to participate?

1. Get a Habaneras kit for the collection of plastics.
2. Collect all the plastics you find on the beaches of Torrevieja
3. Come to Habaneras and introduce them into the great white shark.
4. Take a photo depositing them and upload it to the Facebook draw platform, you will find it fixed at the top of the page, or if you prefer, upload it to your Instagram with the hashtag #YoSoyTorrevieja 
5. Remember to share it publicly

[H]addict, you can also win one of these three bikes by participating in the activities of the Shark Patrol, as all those who register through our app, along with their little one, in the different workshops will enter directly in the draw! 

What don't you have our [H]app yet? Download it!

Consult the terms of participation here.​

Don't wait any longer and collaborate!


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July and August 2019