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March 8th, for ALL OF US.

March 8th is a day when women and men take to the streets to fight for common rights, for equality, so that one of these days, we look back and smile when we see that gender injustices are things to remember.

In Habaneras today we fight for ALL OF US.

Those who have left, those who are there, those who fight, those who work, those who do not, those who study hard to build a promising future, those who have no chance to study and work because that is not a problem. For those who are mothers, for those who decide not to be mothers, for those who travel alone, for those who travel as a couple and for those who do not travel because they prefer the calm of home.

For our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and ancestors who paved the way for us, who filled us with strength and courage, because they took the courage from where there was none, only for us.

Happy March 8th,



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8th March