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Make Blue Monday a special Monday in Habaneras

They say that the third Monday in January is the saddest Monday of the year according to psychologist Cliff Arnall's formula: 1/8C+(D-d) 3/8xTI MxNA. Where:

"C" is the climatic factor

"D" the debts acquired during the holidays

"d" the money to be collected at the end of January

"T" is the time since Christmas

"I" period since the last failed attempt to kick a bad habit

"M" the remaining motivations

"NA" is the need to act to change life

In Habaneras we wanted to give a spin to this formula because we believe that this BLUE MONDAY has all the keys to be a perfect day in Habaneras. Because we know that:

"C" you can buy yourself something nice and cheap, just because you deserve it

"D" because you can’t deny that you love shopping

"d" for the dogs and pets that make us happy

"T" for Torrevieja, our favourite spot on the Mediterranean

"I" for the incredible sales of our stores

"M" it's magic, it’s fashion and positive thinking

"NA" is because every time you come and visit us you think: they nailed it!


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