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Live and care for the ocean from within!

This summer, thanks to the #YoSoyTorrevieja  movement, we are demonstrating how important our beaches, seas and oceans are to everyone. They are already many torrevejenses and visitors who have been involved in the care of our beaches and our environment and have managed to collect large quantities of plastics and waste that have been deposited in the large sculpture of the white shark in the mall.

But we cannot limit ourselves to cleaning the surface of the seas or the coasts, as much of this type of waste also end up on the seabed and are responsible for the fact that many species are currently in danger of extinction.

Therefore, in Habaneras we invite you to come, during the month of July, to live a diving experience, thanks to the virtual reality in which you can enjoy the sensation of being submerged in the ocean, being able to swim -driven by a marine propeller- while you discover the spectacular environment of marine fauna and flora.

In this trip, of up to 5 minutes, you will find balloon fish, clown fish, turtles, starfish, seahorses, and many other species that are now seriously threatened and of which there are only a few specimens left in our sea.

You will discover the importance of safeguarding the biodiversity of our planet and you will help us take care of the seabed, since you will find waste that you will have to destroy, such as drums, cans or the tedious plastic bags responsible for the death of many of these species.

Do you want to help us?

#YoSoyTorrevieja ¿Y tú?

Enjoy Habaneras


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