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Let\'s celebrate Easter-Monay Day together

As we have to celebrate "the mona day" from home, why not do it by cooking our own eastern mona and celebrating it with the family, even if it is by video call. Because neither distance nor confinement are going to stop us continue enjoying our traditions.

So, are you ready? Let’s cook it


100 gr. of sugar

105 gr. of olive oil

75 gr. milk

75 gr. From mineral water

2 fat eggs

420 gr. strength flour (or pastry)

18 gr. fresh yeast

1 splash of water or orange blossom nectar



Heat the milk mixed with the water (40ºC), when it is lukewarm, put the fresh yeast and dissolve it. Subsequently, add the orange blossom water, continuing to mix the yeast.

Then, add the oil little by little and the eggs one by one, without stopping to beat, until get a homogeneous cream. Then added the sugar and 2/3 of the flour and continue beating gently and adding the rest of the flour, little by little, until you get a homogeneous, slightly viscous mass.

Put the dough in a deep container, a possible piece of china or porcelain, and let it rest, in the place that does not have too much humidity, for 2 hours, then blow up the portions to the size we want.

Finally, paint it with beaten egg, and sprinkle the sugar, before standing in the oven for 50 minutes. (180ºC approx.). After 25 minutes, it is better to cover them so that they do not burn too much.

And to enjoy this delicious tradition.

Habaneras stay at home with you

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