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Jennifer Colino's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club eclipses Italy

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Jennifer Colino traveled from Torrevieja to the city of Verbania (Italy) with 17 of its components to open the new season with participation in the II International Tournament Veronica Argento - Altair Cup. 

During this trip, there were moments of intensive training, but also unforgettable moments and unique experiences along with international gymnasts.

The components achieved great results in their respective categories and levels:

  • Diana Temerbulatova, Miley Martínez, Katya Pankratova, Alina Standret, Lucía Garcia, Manuela Sánchez, Letizía Martí and Alisa Zatsepilina won a gold medal in their respective categories.
  • In addition, Karolina Luchynets and Helen Coslop, shone once again, achieving a deserved silver medal, both with the exercise of hoop.
  • Gymnasts Tatyana Shevchyk, Claudia Ticehurst, Alva Kronback and Elena Pankratova won the bronze medal in their respective categories.
  • Finally, Lucia Leshan Cañas and Leanne Kolshet obtained the fourth position in the general classification, while Nayade García obtained the fifth position after a good exercise of ball.

The Habaneras Shopping Centre, as Official Sponsor for the last three consecutive years, would like to congratulate each and every one of our gymnasts for their incredible results.

And for you, [H]Addict, we want to tell you that we will soon be announcing a very special event in collaboration with Jennifer Colino's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.

Very attentive!


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september 2019