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Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Medal Rain at Provincial Championship

Last Sunday, February 24th, the Provincial Individual Base Championship was held in Monforte del Cid. The gymnasts of the club torrevejense, achieved four gold and two silver in various categories, in addition, the club classified seven of its gymnasts for the next Autonomous Championship to be held this weekend in Alcora (Castellón).

The results obtained were as follows: 

In youngest category, Miley Martinez, premiered for the first time in this competition and did so achieving the gold medal in hands free with a high score of 12,700

In fry category 2, Aniya Tuganbekova, won the gold medal with the rope apparatus.

In the children's category 2, Alina Standret won the gold medal with the mace device.

In cadet category 1, Leanne Kohlstedt won the gold medal with the ribbon device and Lucia Garcia the silver medal.

In cadet category 2, Letizia Martí won the silver medal with the ribbon device.

It is worth mentioning the great performance of Alva Kronback and Manuela Sánchez who finished in fifth position.

Our most sincere congratulations to these small great promises!


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Monforte del Cid.

February 24th