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Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in the Top Ten National 1st division of the Iberdrola Leagu

The first phase of the Iberdrola Rhythmic Gymnastics League was held this weekend in the Siglo XXI pavilion in Zaragoza.Jennifer Colino's club got the seventh position in the first phase with a score of 63,700 points.

The gymnasts of the Jennifer Colino Club demonstrated their talent in spite of the high level of the competition, among which were gymnasts of the Spanish national team.

The results obtained : 

In the junior level category, Aimara Fajardo got a grade of 10,100 on a hands-free exercise.

Lucia Leshan Cañas Mendo, with the rope, clubs set and ball got a grade of 10.800, 10.150 y 11.350 respectively, achieving a sixth position in the rope apparatus.

Tatyana Shevchyk got a grade of 10,800 with hoop exercise and 10.700 points with the ribbon.

Good luck, champions!


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From 15 to 17 March