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It\'s time for the planet.


More than 10 years ago, it was created in WWF Australia, a symbol that united the world: turning off the lights to light the planet. Since then, many companies have taken part of the largest global movement against climate change. And Habaneras is one of them.

Therefore, we will take advantage of the celebration of our 14th anniversary, a festive day full of color, to close the event with a good action. So, one more year, we will proceed to turn off the lights of our mall to be part of the Earth Hour,  March 30 at 20:30, to be part of Earth Hour.. Habaneras joins this global initiative by turning off the outdoor lights of the mall, saving up to 35,000 w and almost 20 Kg of CO2, in essence, connecting with the planet.

Habaneras Shopping Center wants to demonstrate its commitment with the environment and invites you to join this small great initiative turning these 60 minutes into a unique moment.

Because together we can contribute to ignite hope, of this home we call Planet Earth.

So, can we count on you?

Enjoy Planet


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Habaneras Shopping Center

March 30 at 20:30