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International Recycling Day. The future of the planet starts today!

International Recycling Day. The future of the planet starts today!

It is no secret that our beloved planet is undergoing mejor changes because of the over-exploitation it suffers. That`s why, in Habaneras, because of the International Recycling Day, we want to contribute our bit to raise awareness among the little ones so that, day by day, together we can take care of our Earth.

We will be waiting for you on May 17th - 18th from 5pm until 9pm in the Urban Orchard of the mall from XXX to XXX with the Eco-workshops that we have prepared to have fun while we learn the best strategy to take care of our planet: reduce, reuse and recycle!

Take note!

To start this day, the youngest will decorate templates with the well-known recycling logo and they will participate in races between themselves, taking different packages to the container that corresponds to them. Once classified, as a prize, they will access the recycling workshop where, with socks and sawdust, they will build fun pots-potatos! They will learn to reuse these materials and make grass grow as the hair of these great potatos.

Remember! To participate you must be an [H]addict. If you are not, what are you waiting for? Download the [H]app and sign up through the experiences button.

Enjoy Planet


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Habaneras Shopping Center

May 17th in the Urban Orchard