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In Habaneras we are as real as you.

Because we know that you care as much as we do, the big things but also the small details, like appreciating the breeze while you enjoy an afternoon of shopping, being able to drink something fast or enjoy a delicious meal on the terrace floor of the Shopping Center, being able to connect to the Free Wifi service of Habaneras while you rest your legs in the rest area, and thus, a long list of those small things capable of bringing out a smile.

And is that in Habaneras, if one thing is clear to us is that you are like us, so we want to introduce you to those people who make possible the team of Habaneras, real people, happy to go every day to work, to advise you until you find that perfect outfit for you, to find the right beauty treatment for your mother, the perfect toys for your children or the ideal watch for your partner.

They already know you, and you?


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