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Important victories of the Jennifer Colino Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Last Saturday, 8th February, during the morning, the Provincial Individual Base Championship was held in the town of Monforte del Cid. The gymnasts pertaining to the Club Rhythmic Gymnastics Jennifer Colino of Torrevieja, obtained a total of three gold and two silver in their different categories, also, the club managed to classify to its twelve gymnasts for the Independent Championship to celebrate the 22 of this month in Almussafes (Valencia), last qualifying phase before the national one. The results they obtained were as follows:

In the pre-baby category, Diana Temerbulatova made her debut in this competition and did so by winning the gold medal in hands free. Her training partner, Amira Stepanova got her pass to the regional championship and will accompany Diana in one more championship.  

In the 2008 children's category, our gymnasts got a double: Karolina Luchynets and Asia Bonelli got the gold and silver medals, respectively, after doing some good ball exercises. At the same time, Claudia Ticehurst did a beautiful ball exercise that gave her the eighth position and her classification to the regional championship. 

In cadet category 2005, Lucía García Oñate, with the hoop apparatus, won the gold medal. 

In cadet category 2006, Alina Standret got the silver medal after a great hoop exercise. In the same category, Alva Kronback and Nayade García started with a good exercise and also achieved the pass to the regional championship.

In the alevin category 2009, with the hoop apparatus, the gymnast Katya Pankratova got the sixth position and thus, qualified for the Regional Championship.

In the youth category 2003-04, Ana Maria Rincon and Letizia Marti got the fifth and seventh place respectively, achieving the pass to the regional championship. 


International Tournament of Infant Rhythmic Gymnastics in Guadalajara


On the morning of Sunday 9, the International Tournament of Infant Rhythmic Gymnastics was held. The event was held at the Palacio Multiusos in Guadalajara where six absolute level gymnasts opened the season with two and three apparatuses in their respective categories, obtaining the following results:

Miley Martínez, made her debut at this level after being the Spanish Base Champion in 2019 and won the gold medal in hands free and in the hoop apparatus in the fry category.

In the fry category and with the mallet apparatus, Alisa Zatsepilina got the silver medal.

Aniya Tuganbekova, Champion of Spain in 2019, made her debut in this level and category achieving the silver medal in rope and the bronze medal with hoop, in the children's category. 

Lucia Leshan Cañas, 2019 Absolute Spanish Champion in mallets, performed three excellent exercises with which she obtained the gold medal in rope and ribbon and the silver medal in ball in the junior category.

In senior category, the torrevejense, Tatyana Shevchyk won the gold medal in ball and the silver medal in hoop.

It is possible to emphasize the performance of Leanne Kholstedt that was making debut in this championship and did it of an excellent way.


Congratulations to all the gymnasts and coaches of the Jennifer Colino Club!  


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Jennifer Colino

February 2020