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Happy day mom, now I pamper you

My mom makes problems go away

My mom manages to give me the strength to fight

My mom makes my dreams cross borders

My mom knows how to take care of me

My mom makes me laugh when no one can

My mom teaches me a lot of things

My mom spoils me like nobody else. That's why, Mom, it´s my turn to spoil you

To be a mother is to teach your children that making mistakes is only good for learning, and that when everything goes wrong, you must be strong. It's knowing that having coffee with your child is a delight.Going shopping with your daughters can be a real adventure in the world of fashion, and enjoying it is the most important thing.

That's why Mom, in Habaneras we want to spoil you, we want to show you how special you are.

[H]addict mom! start the weekend enjoying a fantastic masterclass of WOMAN TRAINING with MAMIFIT on May 3rd, you will enjoy an exceptional class that combines exercises to improve cardiovascular endurance, functional strength and stability of the core always prioritizing the health of the pelvic floor. Want to know more? Click here!

Continue to enjoy the Flower Workshop with your family! There will be a surprise for Mom!

And if you also want to win 300€ to spend in Habaneras with the wonderful influencer Ale Mc Seven ... Participate!

Don't forget!

Buy a very special gift...If you still don't know what to give, just visit the last post on our blog, and discover the proposals we have for all moms.

Write a beautiful greeting card for mom. Download it here!

Enjoy family


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