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Habaneras love you

You'll love the Habaneras awards!

February and love... and vice versa. Surely when you hear about February you only think of one thing: love. Maybe you believe more or less in romantic love. No wonder! That's why this February, in Habaneras we want to make you fall in love. 

Because we know that you fall in love with the latest trends or spending time with friends having a drink. That's why we are sure that, this February, you will love the Habaneras awards.

Yes, yes. As you can hear, February comes to Habaneras loaded with love and lots of prizes just for you.

Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading because things are getting interesting and very, very romantic!

First of all we have prepared a very special surprise for all the people from Torrevieja! Every Thursday of February, you will have to find one of the 25 emergency boxes that we will hide all over the city. If you get hold of one of them and you feel love.... REPLACE IT! Inside you will find 10 Habaneuros to enjoy Habaneras as you like; invite the love of your life for a drink, buy him/her something nice... and if love hasn't knocked on your door yet, it doesn't matter! Treat yourself, because there's nothing like loving yourself.

Remember! 100 emergency boxes can be yours this February!

Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Besides, at Habaneras, we are madly in love with all of you, our visitors, the ones who come here, the ones who come for the first time and the ones who come back and repeat. That's why, in the month of love, we want to recognise all those people in our beautiful city, Torrevieja, with a very special raffle.

Our photographer will portray the faces of all the Torrevieja people who want to participate: postmen, bakers, walkers, visitors... Everybody will be able to participate! They will only have to let us take a picture that we will hang on our panel of love located in the Shopping Centre (discover it on the terrace floor), until it is completed.

On Saturday 27th February we are waiting for you in Habaneras with our hearts full of your photos! It will be then when we will shoot 20 darts straight to the heart. The photos pierced by the darts will be the winners of 50 Habaneuros to enjoy in Habaneras.

Can you imagine being one of the winners of 50 Habanaeuros? We know, we have made you fall in love!

Habaneras love you, very much!

Check the participation rules here.

February is ours in Habaneras



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