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Habaneras celebrates the Day of the Seas and Oceans

Habaneras celebrates the Day of the Seas and Oceans, in collaboration with the Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja.

With #YoSoyTorrevieja we have set out to free our coasts of waste and help conserve their biodiversity.

We know that Torrevieja is a natural paradise that we must take care of and preserve. On such a special day we can not stand idly by.

Celebrate this day with us and take note, not to miss anything:

From 10:00h to 14:00h, we wait for you at the Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja, when you can also sign up for the great national call for Ecoembes  #ProyectoLIBERA in which each participant agrees to release the plastic waste found in #1m2 of our beaches, next June 15. You can join the patrols that leave from the RCNT or from the Mall and through their channels. Sign up now!

Or if you prefer you can also register in person on June 8 or 15 at the Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja, in the Centro Comercial - Punto de Atención al cliente, or also through the experiences button of the [H]app of Habaneras. If you are not yet a real [H]addict do not worry, just download our [H]app.

During the morning, from the RCNT, there will be various activities with the youngest, hand in hand with the Shark Patrol: with themed stories, recycling workshops and microplastics, painting contest, etc.. Of which they will also be able to be enjoyed, in the commercial center, in schedule of 17.30h to 21.30h.

From 10:30 a.m. from the RCNT, we will host the CSIC exhibition: “Observers of the Sea, your gaze is change” with talks by biologist Joan Pujol, member of the Observers of the Sea project, who will talk to us about the citizen awareness project that is the meeting point between citizens and scientists to better understand the ecological processes of the sea and the appearance of new invasive species.

At 12:15h we will enjoy the talk “Sharks and rays, animals at risk of extinction” by the marine biologist and Doctor of Marine Sciences, Claudio Barría in the RCNT conference room.

Then, will take place the departure by boat from the Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja, to start the first cleanup of the bay, in collaboration with the movement #YoSoyTorrevieja, and which will end in depositing the waste collected inside the sculpture of the great white shark, Habaneras.

We are waiting for you!

#YoSoyTorrevieja And you?


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Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja (Royal Yacht Club of Torrevieja)

June 15th