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Good practices to protect the marine environment!

Taking care of our seas, shores and beaches is fundamental. That is why taking into account some advice and apply it in our daily lives, to help preserve the biodiversity of our beaches and seabed becomes a key piece in the middle of this process of environmental deterioration that is suffering our planet.

In Habaneras we know that to contribute our grain of sand to help preserve intact the wonderful beaches that we have in Torrevieja, costs nothing and means a lot.

That's why we want to share with you our guide of good practices! 

Before going to the beach observe which are the accesses enabled to arrive. Sometimes, when you try to shorten the path by other paths or paths not enabled can spoil the environment causing irreparable damage to the flora and fauna that surround the place. 

When you go to the beach and take your cigarettes with you, don't forget to make it with a portable ashtray. If you don't have one, you can reuse any can or jar you have at home. Then empty it into the trash and wash it. You can use it as many times as you want. 

We all like to take food to the beach to enjoy after a long swim in the water. But remember, carrying plastic bottles or bags is dangerous as they can fly out and end up in the sea. That's why we recommend that you use cloth bags and steel or glass bottles that you can later recycle and reuse. If you eat a packet of cookies or potatoes, put the residue in your bag to prevent it from flying away.


Protecting yourself from the sun is very important. That's why you should apply sunscreen to your face and body repeatedly. What many do not know is that most sunscreens on the market contain substances harmful to the species that inhabit our oceans. When you go to buy your sunscreen make sure it complies with environmental regulations. The other sunscreens can be used in your favourite pool. 

Sailing is for many an unparalleled pleasure. But just as on land, at sea you must be careful with your waste because if it falls into the sea you can not recover and the consequences can be very serious. We therefore recommend that you have small garbage bins with lids where you can safely recycle your waste.

Fishing is an ideal sport for some. It is relaxing and productive. But fishing is more delicate than it seems. When you go fishing you have to take into account several aspects. First of all, make sure that the place where you are going to fish is allowed to fish. Secondly, know what species you may or may not collect. Third, if you weigh a small species, carefully remove the hook and return it to the sea. And last but not least, the tools. Don't use nets or utensils that could damage the seabed.

Our children are the future, so teaching them that the care of the planet is in our hands is fundamental. Explain to them the importance of each one of the advices that we tell you here so that they can interiorize them and make them theirs, with this we will take one more step in the care of our beaches. 

Connecting with nature on the beach is a magical experience. Exploring and playing with its stones, shells and other species is a lot of fun, but you must not alter it so that it will last for a long time. 

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying nature in the company of your pet, but before taking it with you you should inform yourself about which beaches allow their visit. You should also be respectful of the environment by collecting any depositions that may be left behind. 


At the end of the day, when you are going to leave the beach, take a look and check that you do not leave behind any type of garbage or disposable material. Most beaches have containers or rubbish bins where you can deposit your garbage, otherwise, you can take it with you and throw it at home. 

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