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Give them a chance, give them a new home. Real Pet Lovers.

Despite campaigns against pet abandonment, the reality is that the number is increasing year by year. In recent months 138,407 animals have been abandoned, most of them dogs (104,688). "Faced with such a reality, Habaneras could not stand idly by. It is well known the love we have for animals, in the shopping centre, as we already showed in the last campaign called, Real Pet Lovers, and led by the members of the management of the centre and their pets, which have also been adopted," explains Cristina Palacios, Marketing Director of the Shopping Centre.

Therefore, along with the Animal Shelter of Torrevieja present their project "Take me home with you". This project wants to encourage the adoption of dogs that are in shelter in this shelter. "They are dogs that, in some cases, have suffered a lot and just look for a home where they can share their love," says the Director of the shelter. "In recent months dogs do not stop entering and the resources we have are limited, also Christmas is approaching and the number of animals, unfortunately, will rise again when they stop being puppies”.

The purpose of the Habaneras Shopping Center is to bring the stories of these animals closer to the visitors of the Shopping Center to encourage their adoption so that they can have a second chance. Therefore, and with the help of the volunteers of the Shelter, these animals will visit the main square of Habaneras so that you can meet your next life partner. Do not hesitate to ask about the story that each dog hides behind those eyes that only claim one wish; "Take me home with you".

If you want to know more animals that are waiting to be adopted at the Shelter click here! And if you are interested in adopting any of them and you want to know more about their history come to Habaneras February 29th.

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February 2020