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If one thing is clear in Habaneras is that fashion does not understand ages. We know that all of you love to wear new clothes, and who doesn't like it? That's why we want to dedicate this post to the little ones of the house, because the illusion-filled face of our children when they dress in new clothes is magical.

In Habaneras you will find many stores with all the current fashion for children. In them you will discover multiple options for any occasion, from simple looks for the beach to those designed for more special occasions, always designed with their comfort in mind.

All-terrain fashion for unstoppable little ones

There is nothing more comfortable for everyday life than a pair of shorts and a basic T-shirt, without renouncing colour and style. That's why we have made this set based on a 100% cotton T-shirt with striped colors from the children's fashion store Mayoral . To match these Chinese shorts, camel color H&M 

Centro Comercial Habaneras

For special occasions we recommend that you choose a comfortable but elegant outfit for them, such as this combination of a long-sleeved shirt with Zara palm print and these Xti brand combined dress shoes, you will find them in your Rumbo de Habaneras store.

Centro Comercial Habaneras

And for the so enjoyed days of beach.... nothing better than to make you with a pack of two tropical swimsuits, by only 7€, like these of C&A. To go to the beach we have also chosen these sandals Zara rubber buckle monocolor, are ideal for both the beach and for walking.

Centro Comercial Habaneras

Now you know! Come to Habaneras and get the perfect outfit for your little one this summer.

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