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Find the best Valentine´s gifts in Habaneras

A job interview. The first time you get on a plane. The day you took the driving test. There are many nervous days in your life. But there are no nerves comparable to the first time you say "I love you" to the person you are madly in love with. And what to tell you about that first Valentine's Day you spend together. You want to buy a gift that matches your feelings, but you don't know what to buy.

But don't worry, at Habaneras we want to help you. That's why we have prepared an exclusive selection of ideas that will make you look great in front of such a special person.

It doesn't matter if the person you're giving the gift to is traditional or modern. If you love the millennial style or, on the contrary, it's more of an eighties shirts. In Habaneras clothing and accessories stores you can find the perfect gift for her. For example, in Zara, where there is a great offer, both for him and for her, being one of the best options to take advantage of the sales or to buy the clothes that will be the trend this spring. What are you waiting for?

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There is no better jewel than being next to the person you love the most. That's why at Habaneras we recommend that you visit some of the shops we have in the shopping centre where you can find the best gift. For example, Two Dos, where you can find elegant jewelry, different and wonderful designs at a price suitable for all pockets. Or like Swarovski, the brand that has been revolutionising the world of fashion and jewellery since 1895. Come to his shop in Habaneras and choose any of the outfits you can find to make your partner shine 24 hours a day.


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Running, paddle, dance or yoga... there are dozens of sports that you can practice with your partner and, thus, fulfill that New Year's resolution that you did just a few weeks ago to exercise more. So, stop making excuses, and give that special person that special set of sportswear he likes so much or those slippers he's been dreaming about for months. Visit Forum Sport in Habaneras and choose among the thousands of products that this chain offers so that you do not lack anything to exercise your heart, that muscle so necessary for those who, like you, are in love.

"Shadow here, shadow there. Get down, make up!" The incombustible Mecano said it a few years ago, so we have to listen to them! That's why we encourage you to take a glass mirror and approach Marvimundo, Kiko Milano, Douglas or Druni, our brands specialized in cosmetics, perfumes and make-up. We are sure that in them you will find the makeup with your girl will be spectacular or the favorite perfume of your partner.



"You hang up", "No, you hang up". In order not to get hung up in the most interesting part of the conversation with your partner the best thing is to give away a last generation mobile phone. And to make sure your lover gets all your love messages, visit Samsung's shop in Habaneras. They have everything you need for your love to be connected you will find here.



And to end a perfect Valentine's Day, why don't you two enjoy a fantastic dinner at the best American restaurant in Habaneras? Because if there's one thing that makes Foster Hollywood different, it's its extensive menu full of dishes in the purest American style: hamburgers, sandwiches, finger food, rings... Put the final touch to an unforgettable day and live an evening to lick your fingers!



Come to Habaneras on Valentine's Day and join the experience "Love is in the air". Plus, if you're [H]Addict you can enter the draw for a two-person balloon experience and enjoy many more advantages. Don't miss out!


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