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Enjoy your meal!

September arrives with the return of school and the drama of the moment...what do I do with the kids for lunch?

 If the child doesn't like fish, if the child doesn't like vegetables, if the meat turns into a ball... 

Don't go crazy because in Habaneras we are going to make it very easy for you! 

Our restaurant brands have prepared school menus at very competitive prices so you don´t have to be worried about make everyday a  menu for your kids. Besides, if you present your consumption ticket of any of our restaurants at the information point of Habaneras you will take a lunch box home and use it for mid-morning in the break, take it to the park with the snack or even to your office with the permission of your children. Don't let it pass you by and get your own, they will be available while supplies last.

And this September, in Habaneras, we are going to leave you with a very good taste in your mouth, so get ready and enjoy your meal! 



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31th August 2020