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Discover Torrevieja with Shopping Center Habaneras

With more than 125 years, for those few who do not know this canteen, is located between the esplanade of the Casino and the Pier Mínguez, bordering on the east with the Paseo de Vista Alegre, measuring by its front twenty meters, and nine bottom.

On August 26, 2016, Arturo Perez reverte published: "In the bar La Marina de Torrevieja, sailor's corner of all life, I take a reed with Rafa, the owner, and Manolo, boatswain of the Club Nautico. There is some more parishioner, those skinny and with tattoos, eyes discolored by the sun, inseparable from the old and wise ports, which both help to soak beer foam, as God commands, a marble or zinc counter. It is good here, chatting in this place that thanks to Rafa's tenacity and good craft remains intact, safe from the urbanistic nonsense in which unscrupulous people converted the old fishing village, in recent decades.

If you haven't been there yet, you can't leave the opportunity. 


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