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Enjoy news: Complements for them.

The arrival of spring not only brings joy, light and color to our days; it is also reflected in fashion, new designs, prints and novelties. Some people say that spring looks are the best, and winter clothes can be very uncomfortable as we spend the day with the coat and scarf from one side to the other, going in and out of places, taking off and putting on all our clothes.

It's time to put the warm clothes in the wardrobe and start wearing the complements hidden under the scarves and long sleeves. And it is not for less, because the spring offers us all a wide catalogue of complements with which you will not leave indifferent to anyone. Here are some of the highlights - keep reading!

Dazzle this spring in our shopping center Habaneras 

The arms are covered behind them, as they now become the protagonists. The complements that are more used in this epoch to give importance to our arms, are without a doubt the watches and the accessories of bracelet. Here are some models ideal for the spring season, which you can find in our store in Sprinfield.  

Belts are also a must in your wardrobe. The belts stylize our figure and also add great value to the whole. It's a simple accessory but, nevertheless, it gives us a certain quality and distinction, like these examples we show you from our Pull and Bear store. 

And to protect us from the sun we bring you two proposals. On the one hand, the indispensable complement of this season, the sunglasses, that you will be able to find as much in our optics Sunglass Hut as in Soloptical. And, on the other hand, a more daring proposal with caps and hats to be the center of all eyes. You can also find the latter in Springfield and Pull and Bear.

Forget about winter clothes and start enjoying spring in our Habaneras shopping centre!


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