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Celebrate International Chocolate Day in Habaneras

Yesterday was the International Chocolate Day and at CC Habaneras we want you to celebrate it with us. In this post we will talk about where their celebration comes from and we will leave you with some delicious recommendations that you can try in our shopping centre in Torrevieja. Let's get started!

Why is International Chocolate Day celebrated?

The 13th of September pays tribute to one of the tastiest products, chocolate. This day arose in 1995 in France, as a tribute to the British writer RoaldDahl, author of the famous novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Benefits of eating chocolate

  • If the chocolate has pure cocoa, it's very nutritious.
  • It improves blood flow and regulates blood pressure.
  • Increases good blood cholesterol.
  • Improves brain functions.
  • It is good for when women are in their menstruation, as it balances the body.
  • Helps protect the body from sun damage.
  • Decreases headaches.
  • Makes you feel happier.

Chocolate Delights in Habaneras

You don't need any more excuses to eat chocolate, do you?

Foster Hollywood


Delicious chocolate sphere that melts in front of you with hot chocolate, with creamy Oreo frosting inside and with bits of Ahoy Chips. Who can resist this?


Choco Cheese Cake

Believe us... after trying this cake, you don't want to try any more! Combine it with a delicious coffee while you enjoy it on the terraces of Habaneras.

Sirvent Miralles

Chocolate pancakes

Are we in front of the crown jewel? Well probably, and that is that these pancakes with chocolate are all you need to start the weekend in the best possible way.

You already know all the benefits of chocolate for our body and we have left you some suggestions. Now is the time for you to call your friends and make an appointment at CC Habaneras for a delicious snack. Also, combine it with an afternoon of shopping or movies to make it a perfect day. See you there! Enjoy the chocolate! 


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