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Carnival I love you!

Carnival's just around the corner. Parades, burials of the sardine, the coronation of our Queens and much more is waiting for us... But most importantly, we have to choose the costumes! In [H]abaneras we have made a selection with the best proposals that you will be able to find in our stores so that you don't lack anything and you can enjoy this fun party!

Full of colour, fabrics, sequins, masks, feathers and other accessories, Carnival is the ideal time to become the character you've always wanted to be. There are those who enjoy this party creating their own costumes mixing fabrics, textures and various complements letting themselves be carried away by the imagination. And there are those who prefer to dress up in ready-made costumes representing their favorite fictional characters. One way or another, with the help of [H]fans, you'll be the king of the party!

If you're looking for hair ornaments, socks, or face make-up, Claire's is the store you're looking for.

Specializing in accessories and complements, Claire's offers a wide range of original, detailed and fun designs to be the center of attention. You'll find tutus in different colours, as well as bright magic wands, feathered masks, unicorn headbands and much more!

In C&A you will find costumes already made of different themes; from a siren costume to a firefighter costume, or superhero. For the little ones, we propose these costumes in the shape of a monkey so that our kids don't get cold and are well dressed.

The star costume of all carnivals is undoubtedly that of a superhero. The well-known clothing brand H&M, characterized by always offering quality designs, urban, modern and cosmopolitan, offers in its product line a lot of costumes to become the hero you've always dreamed of. Will your little girl save the good from the bad? Or will she become a superhero with incredible powers?


Come and visit us at [H]fans and take the costume you like!

Enjoy Carnival 



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