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Today is International Environment Day and at Habaneras we like to celebrate it every day.

Because we are sure that it is the small gestures you make every day that really help to conserve our planet.

You've heard it a thousand times, but it's important to realize that caring for the environment is not just for big business and that if we do our bit every day, we'll be actively working together to leave our children the best legacy, a planet they can live on. That's why at Habaneras we want you to make these small, big gestures for the future every day. 

In Habaneras we are green: 

  • Take care of the water
  • Recycle whenever you can
  • Reduces car use
  • Optimises electrical energy consumption
  • Avoid plastic consumption
  • Don't leave rubbish on the beach
  • And most importantly... preach by example.

Today is International Environment Day and from Habaneras we want it to be celebrated every day with your gestures and example.


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