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The Dreams Factory has arrived at Habaneras. Would you like to dream with us?

Christmas is the best season to dream and fulfil your best wishes. For that reason, we bring to Habaneras the perfect space for your dreams to come true: The Dreams Factory! Ready to live in a world full adventures, magic and joy? If you come to Habaneras you will have the choice to meet Yulupuki and the remaining characters that will help you to make your dreams come true. We will choose a letter among all those we received at the shopping mall, and next year, that wish will come true. This year we fulfilled Noa Gomez’s wish, who wanted “Christmas to last all year long and that Habanera holds the Dreams Factory year after year.”.Further, three dwarfs will inform about all the details and activities we have prepared for you. Come and enjoy an unforgettable Christmas!

Requirements to participate in activities *

- The ractivities is for all audiences and are held in the afternoon. From 5pm to 9pm.

- To participate in all activities, an online registration is required through the Habaneras App.

For more information, go to the Info Box located in the central square, next to the event, and at the entrance of the shopping center.


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Habaneras Shopping Center

December 26th to 30th