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Pirate Jack needs you! #HabanerasHalloween

Long time ago, a ship full of treasures wrecked in Torrevieja. Since then, Captain Salazar lurks like a phantom in-between the living world and that of the dead In order to protect the treasure chest. Only those brave enough will be chosen to follow pirate Jack to search for the chest. But…watch out! You will have to overcome funny tests. The only requirement for you is to come with your costume to mislead the phantom Salazar. Only one will win the chest take a picture at our photocall at Habaneras, upload it on Facebook under the hashtag #HalloweenHabaneras and get as many “likes” as possible. On October 31st come to our party and discover who is the final winner. And remember, you may choose between trick or treat as long as phantom Salazar allows us! Would you like to be part of this adventure? Follow these simple steps:

1. Download the App Habaneras and fill in the application
2. Come by the Infobox at Habaneras and validate your application
3. Get your ticket and prepare to live the most pirate experience. You can’t miss it!

*More Info at the Infobox at Habaneras.


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Habaneras Mall

October 27th to 29th