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Ikea and Habaneras celebrate the Cyber Monday big draw together this year

We know that on these important dates, all the important things revolve around the table. The family gathers to enjoy the best home-cooked food, conversations are extended until the early hours of the morning, the best childhood anecdotes are remembered, and new additions to the family come to become one more.

That's why Habaneras and Ikea are collaborating to make your living room shine with its own light this Christmas. Take part in the big draw CYBER MONDAY and turn your living room into a dream! 

Come and discover Habaneras. Visit us from 15 to 25 November, on the second floor of the shopping centre (next to 100 Montaditos), and fall in love with this incredible IKEA lounge valued at €2,175.99. Want to know what's included?


INGATORP table, 2 units, in black. (Ref: 902.224.07) 

BILLY NNN altil, 3 units, in black-brown. (Ref: 702.638.56)

BILLY NNN bookcase, 3 units, in black-brown colour. (Ref: 402.638.48) 

OXBERG p vdr, 6 units, in black-brown. Ref: (802.756.13) 

OXBERG Glass door, 6 units, black-brown. (Ref: 002.756.74)

STRANDMON earmuff armchair, 2 units of turquoise velvet. (Ref: 704.266.55)

STRANDMON rpsp alm, 4 units of turquoise velvet. (Ref: 004.266.73) 

INGOLF N sill, 2 units in black-brown colour. (Ref: 602.178.22)

AGAM N junior chair, 1 unit, in black. (Ref:702.535.41) 

SAKARIAS stru siln, 1 unit, in black. (Ref: 103.843.28) 


And stop looking at this room and take it home...

Are you a [H]addict? Lucky you! Validate your blackest weekend tickets and get participation vouchers for this great draw.

And if you're not a [H]addict yet, don't worry. Find out how to get it:


1. Download our [H]App

2. Validate your between the 15th and 25th of November

3. Get participation vouchers; for every 20€ purchase = 1 voucher for the draw.


Next Monday, November 26th, the draw will take place before a notary. Don't get nervous! We will communicate the winner in the different channels of the centre. So, be very attentive.


-Know the rules of the draw here-

Don't miss it!

Enjoy Cyber Monday in Habaneras


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Habaneras Shopping Center

From 15 to 25 November